About Us

About Us

It is widely recognized that a nation’s growth is often driven by well-developed infrastructure and a strong construction sector. Infrastructure stands as an essential supporting pillar for a nation’s economy, enabling efficient logistics systems and more effective workflow across all industries. A healthy construction sector has the capacity to aid and strengthen infrastructure development, bolstering the economic growth of nations and contributing to the well-being of society.

Established in 2017, PT Mitra Solusi Optimalindo is a subsidiary of the well respected Halysafe Group, a household name in Indonesia’s construction sector, operating in the scaffolding and formwork solutions supply industry. PT Mitra Solusi Optimalindo serves as the experienced applicator company for the Halysafe Group, providing clients with professional and reliable scaffolding, formwork, engineering, and manpower supply services.

At PT Mitra Solusi Optimalindo, our solid reputation has been built upon our reliability for achieving prompt project completion times, maintaining strict safety protocols, and delivering excellent quality results. Over the last few years, our company has had the privilege of serving clients across multiple industry sectors, including the key national infrastructure and energy sectors.

Our collective industry experience, strong connections in both the construction and engineering industries, and backing by the prestigious Halysafe Group have positioned PT Mitra Solusi Optimalindo for continued growth and effectiveness in our support of the nation’s important construction sector.

Vision & Mission

Our Vision

PT Mitra Solusi Optimalindo becoming :

  • The nation’s strongest and most reliable contractor
  • The most trusted partner and number one choice for the nation’s key infrastructure and energy sectors

Our Mission

PT Mitra Solusi Optimalindo is committed to :

  • Aligning our operations to meet customer expectations for excellent quality results
  • Complying with the strictest safety protocols and industry standards

Why Choose Us?

Years of experience serving the nation’s key infrastructure and energy sectors

  • A subsidiary of the well-regarded and nationally recognized Halysafe Group
  • Proven results from a diverse track record
  • Operations supported by a strong team of certified professionals
  • National reach and scope of business
  • Environmentally friendly corporate governance
  • Commitment to project safety and quality
  • Solutions for every project and every budget