Products & Services

Products & Services

We are convinced that both safety and quality should be the number one priority for any company operating in the construction and engineering industry sectors. Over the past century, we have seen countless marvels of engineering erected all around the world, from Dubai and the United States of America, to China. These are buildings that challenge our imaginations and offer a brief glimpse into what the future could be. These architectural wonders also demonstrate that quality, world-class, construction does not need to claim human lives in the process.

In light of this, at PT Mitra Solusi Optimalindo, we strive to deliver quality results that surpass client expectations, consistent with world-class standard construction and the highest industry standards. In our pursuit of excellence in quality, we maintain the strictest safety protocols to ensure the well-being each site worker and effective completion of each project we undertake.

Our PT Mitra Solusi Optimalindo scaffolding and formwork products are all supplied and branded with the respectable Halysafe Group name associated with superior quality. Each superior quality solution that we provide contributes to both project longevity, as well as the overall strengthening of the national economy, all without sacrificing the importance of safety.

The following list provides brief descriptions of each of our PT Mitra Solusi Optimalindo product and service solutions :


Serving as one of the most fundamental aspects for both project construction and maintenance, the importance of scaffolding is often overlooked. At PT Mitra Solusi Optimalindo, we aim to provide our clients with optimized solutions to their diverse scaffolding needs.


In the construction and engineering industry sectors, formwork is a temporary mold into which concrete is both poured and shaped. Quality formwork plays a pivotal role in the success and longevity of a construction project, enabling final results that mirror expectations.

Manpower Supply

At PT Mitra Solusi Optimalindo we pride ourselves in providing our clients with highly competent professionals equipped with the skills necessary to ensure their needs are fully met and their projects are carried out with meticulous precision. Our manpower is rigorously vetted, ensuring that only the very best, most qualified individuals are recommended and supplied to our clients.


  • Design
  • Calculation
  • Estimation
  • Planning

Training Center & Certification

At PT Mitra Solusi Optimalindo, we believe that the success of individuals is greatly affected by the skills that they have been equipped with. Not only is this reflected in how they perform day-to-day work tasks, but also during critical moments when skill and expertise matter most.